Is there anything better than going to a place, expecting nothing, and being completely blown away?

In my world: Nope. Taverna looks like any other local restaurant, until the server comes out with a tray covered by a glass dome. He lifts the dome, unleashing an avalanche of smoke tendrils that scurry and disappear across the table. Inside is the most perfect grilled octopus I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating; buttery soft and tender, spiked with a hint of smoke. And it’s just the beginning. There are squares of gnocchi crisped in the oven then interspersed with lovely top-neck clams. There’s whole snapper roasted in the wood-fired oven. There are house-made pastas (spaghetti, fettuccine, you name it) served with perfect meatballs or a creamy Alfredo flecked with fresh asparagus. That I savored all this in khaki shorts and flip flops just shows how unexpected this place is; unexpectedly delicious.

Taverna Wood Fire Kitchen Cape Coral Restaurant - News Press - Jean Le Boeuf- Best restaurant in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Bonita Springs